Tzeitel cantant

Singing is my other natural way of communicating. I learnt about this instrument at the school; Estudi de Tècnica Vocal and I sang with the Satellite Singers choir, both run by Luciana Carlevaro. I'm exploring the voice in more depth through Estill Voice Craft and, honestly, it's fascinating to discover what happens when we sing!

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Cover of Follow the sun

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With a jingle people will remember you! Singing for your radio, television or internet ad, with my clear and bright voice, will give you a catchy message.

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Dubbing singer

I am currently training to dub singing for cartoon characters, songs in animated films, and recording voice-overs for toys.

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As a singer, I collaborate on projects with other artists, and I am currently in the process of writing my own songs. Listen to some covers here or on my; Soundcloud profile.

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